Friday, January 9, 2009


Getting bored with just walking?

Do you have a Walkman or Ipod? If not, you might consider getting one. Off label models of the older styles of Walkman radio and disc players can be obtained for about $10. Older Ipod and similar MP3 players can be found on sale for a fraction of the price of the newest models. If you have a teen, borrow one. Share one with a friend or your significant other (SO).

Other things to do to vary your walk. Simply walk at a different location. Pick a new park or a new mall, a new street or a new TV show. Walk with different friends.

Another idea is to vary your speed. Walk as fast as you can for 2 minutes, then resume your normal pace. Or walk really fast for two driveways, for the length of a commercial, or for the duration of one song on your radio. Resuming your regular stride will make it feel s l o w.

Throw in some upper body movements. Okay, I EVEN DO THIS OUTSIDE. I'm pretty daring when it comes to this stuff. I sing along with my Ipod outside at the top of my lungs and I swing my arms around when the mood strikes me. If I were younger and more flexible, I'd skip down the street to some songs. But, since I'm older and less flexible, I'll just throw in some jumping-jack like movements with my arms, some upper body twists, some march type movements with knees higher than usual. I'll make my stride longer for a few steps or tip toe around dog-doo for a few feet. Any or all of these things may be just enough to take the 'routine' out of your routine and make it special for the day.

Whatever you do, just do it. Keep moving. Walk, talk, sing, think, dream, walk, walk, walk....

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Kathy G said...

I've walked a lot with you, and I've never seen you march or tiptoe! Sounds like fun.