Thursday, March 5, 2009


In St. Louis, we have an exciting night life area called The Loop. This urban oasis is very near the area where I grew up. I used to ride my bike the couple miles to The Loop to the movie theaters there. In Junior High (what we called Middle School back in the Dark Ages), I rode there 6 times to see West Side Story!

Thanks to the ambition and vision of a single individual, Joe Edwards, The Loop has been revitalized from a crumbling, aging 'Dead Zone' to the exciting people-magnet that it now is. There are plenty of ethnic restaurants, great bars, two concert venues, retro shops, and other shops that tend to attract a very eclectic crowd, especially on weekends. Its location near Washington University in St. Louis adds to the appeal of The Loop. Students from all over the world show up in throngs every night to enjoy a taste of food from home, to visit, and people-watch.

One of the things Joe Edwards brought to this area was the St. Louis Walk of Fame. We have our very own version of Hollywood's Stars in the sidewalk. If a person of note is associated with St. Louis, he or she may well have - or will one day receive - a star on the Walk of Fame.

This is a great place for a pleasant stroll on a sunny afternoon. Grab a buddy and your fanny pack, tie on your walking shoes, and head for The Loop. There is plenty of parking nearby and a Metro stop within walking distance. The Loop itself occupies about a half mile of territory in the St. Louis suburb of University City about 8 miles west of the St. Louis Arch.

Walking up and down this stretch of Delmar Blvd will take you within smelling distance of restaurants emitting the delicious scents of Ethiopia, Japan, China, Russia, and Thailand. If you have a taste for burgers or pizza, Blueberry Hill with its famous Duck Room and Cicero's will satisfy your taste buds. If it's brew you want on a hot afternoon, Brandt's and Fitz's offer a wide variety of soft drinks, beers, and wines with sandwiches and cheeses to accompany it.

Vintage Vinyl offers a vast array of actual 33 RPM records from all periods of music plus posters and tee shirts. There are vintage clothing shops and several shops devoted to skaters and musicians. But, don't forget to look down and read the stars on the Walk of Fame. You'll learn a bit of local history while getting in your walk.

Before your walk, you might want to research the luminaries who have stars here. If so, go to
to see who makes the cut.

Remember my 100% GUARANTEE. Should you decide to stop walking and resume your old habits, I personally guarantee that you'll get back 100% of your former life - your pain, your lifestyle, your attitude.

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Kathy G said...

I love going to The Loop, and I enjoy reading the inscriptions on the Walk of Fame, but your description of the process as "a stroll" is correct! There are usually too many people to do any serious walking.

We like to veer off into the side streets and walk through the neighborhoods (the ones at the west end have some particularly interesting architecture), THEN we come back to The Loop to eat!