Thursday, November 20, 2014

Winter Moves In, We Move On

Today was our first real snow.  It didn't stick much on the roads, but the trees and grass were well coated.  There was about 2 inches of total snow fall on my husband's car and all the trees at the park looked like someone had dusted them with powdered sugar.

Despite the grayness and the damp snow, the temperature wasn't too bad.  Kris and I decided to drive to Castlewood to walk a bit.  As we left the under-trees trail and entered this open area, Kris was taken with the beauty of the snow against the trees and grass.  It doesn't show particularly well in the picture, sadly.  But, Lizzie had a nice frosting on her black fur and the air was completely full of snow flakes.  We met only a few other walkers and a single biker.  It was really nice to be in the woods almost alone.

On the trail we often walk, we had not realized how very close we come to the edge overlooking the river.  It's a pretty long fall down.  Should have taken a picture.  The normal undergrowth covers just how close we walk to the edge of the precipice.

The river was lovely but far too low.  It has been a dry year and the number of fallen trees in the park speaks to the drought.  Still, the park is a gem and we are delighted to have it so close to home.

Written Sunday, November 16, 2014

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