Friday, November 28, 2014

Walking In The Rain, Oh, know the rest

These pictures pretty much tell it all.  It was so gray, dreary, and rainy today - but not cold - so we decided to hot one of our favorite trails.  We walked our usual 1.5 miles there, dodging all kinds of puddles, slip-sliding up and down small hills, and generally having a fantastic time.  Try it!

Pretty sure in that top pic, at least one of that puddles goes all the way to China.

Despite the puddles and small 'lakes', Lizzie had not complaints.  I took brief refuge on a rock.

In this pic, it doesn't even look like it was raining!  I can assure you it was.  I was completely wet from my toes up to my knees - and beyond.

As usual, Kris took the pix - and she got as wet as I did.  But, it was a fantastic walk.  I'd do it again right now.  Tomorrow, it's supposed to continue raining and I must attend a graveside funeral.  Maybe an umbrella s called for.

Written Nov 23, 2014

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