Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I know this blog does not have a gazillion readers, but the readers I have are pretty interesting. Let me tell you about Patty.

I don't know what originally brought Patty to this blog, but she has stuck around, read, learned, and communicated with me on a regular basis. I have another 'walking buddy', one who is dedicated to walking to make her life better.

Patty suffers from several health issues and has led a rather sedentary life until recently. Now, she has incorporated walking into her life. She has started slow and kept at it despite several set backs. She is now the proud owner of some Leslie Sansone walking DVD's so winter's bounty of snow and ice won't derail her walking program.

Further, Patty has let me know how walking has helped her - alleviated some of her pain and improved her sleep and disposition. THREE CHEERS for Patty!

One of the wonders of the internet is that we get to 'meet' people from everywhere. I have learned a great deal from others - on this blog and from other sources. And, I'm really honored to be told that my blog has been a beneficial part of someone else's life. Patty's emailing me to tell me of her successes just makes my day.

Those tiny baby steps we take at the beginning of any new endeavor are the most difficult. But the real work is sticking with it. Patty is sticking with it! I hope she will post a message to all of us - or be a guest blogger here - to share her experiences with all of us.

***************************Remember my 100% GUARANTEE. Should you decide to stop walking and resume your old habits, I personally guarantee that you'll get back 100% of your former life - your pain, your lifestyle, your attitude. You can trust the information you find here. It's from a dedicated walker. Trust me and your life will get better! I promise.

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