Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Walking Deer

What time of day do you walk?

I'm not a morning walker. No 5:30 AM walks before shower and office or carpool (or both). Nothing on this planet (except my children) is more dear than the hours of sleep between 3 AM and 8:30 AM. I'm just not a morning person.

So, I often walk at 9:30 or 10:00 in the morning before I go to the office. If the weather is going to be hot and humid, it's nicer to walk early. If it's sunny out and the weather prediction is for rain or gloom later in the day, I fit in a morning walk if possible.

But, other days, I walk late in the afternoon. In the winter, that often puts me walking at dusk. I'm cognizant of my surroundings, being sure to wear a bright color so I'm visible to drivers and bikers.

But dusk is also the time of day when deer will peek through the brush that lines the track at the park or walk out into the open in the football field near the creek by the high school track. Lizzie always sees them before I do.

It's always a thrill to see the deer. They are typically in groups of 4 or 5 - maybe more that I can't see as they so easily blend into their surroundings.

I hate seeing them when I'm driving since they are so hazardous on the roadway. But when I'm walking, it's like a prize I get that's just for me! They're elegant and graceful but not very smart. They can jump an 8 foot fence from a stand and run probably 20 MPH down the front yards on my street. They eat my neighbor's shrubs and are considered to be pests by many. But, I always enjoy seeing them on my walks.

***************************Remember my 100% GUARANTEE. Should you decide to stop walking and resume your old habits, I personally guarantee that you'll get back 100% of your former life - your pain, your lifestyle, your attitude. You can trust the information you find here. It's from a dedicated walker. Trust me and your life will get better! I promise.

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