Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Years ago, before I was a walker, there was a woman who dressed up in a costume every day and walked on the busiest street in my neighborhood. She would stop at red lights and dance in circles. She would wave at every passing car. She danced, walked, hopped and generally had a good time. Was she crazy? No! She was getting healthy.

The local 'journal' newspaper took notice of this woman - who couldn't - and wrote an article about her. She identified herself only as 'Tiger', the most frequent of her many costumes. Her story was inspiring. She was an R.N. who had developed a 'terminal illness' and knew what the future held for her. Apparently, there was no cure for her illness and little available treatment.

She devised her own health regimen which centered around walking and eating well. She long outlived the physician's prognosis. She decided that she would enjoy every day as tho' it was her last day. She would walk and dance fearlessly. FEARLESSLY. That means 'without fear'.

Wow! I wanted to live that way. I wanted to have what she had. No, not her terminal illness. But her attitude.

She was unable to keep a full time job and I have since lost track of her as I moved away. But, Tiger's story remains with me. Her 'treatment' consisted of eating well and WALKING!! And, that allowed her to live, healthy and fearless, for long after she was predicted to by medical specialists.

Take heed. Imagine how we could improve our lives merely by walking and eating well. If Tiger could add years and quality to her life in the face of a terminal illness, what benefit might we attain if we need only to get off our posteriors and stop eating junk food? I became willing to learn what might be in store for me if I followed Tiger's lead.

So, fearlessly, I walk every day. Walk with me!!

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