Friday, December 5, 2008


Not exactly a winter wonderland - just coooooold. I had a light afternoon at the office, looked outside and noticed the sun was shining. I knew the temperature was about 27 degrees (F) but the sun was shining. Sun!! I ditched work an hour early (it helps to work for your husband) and called a friend. I would have walked without her, but she was available.

I hustled home and changed into my silk undies and layered up. Have I told you about silk undies? These are a GREAT investment. You can pay $50 for each piece (top and bottom) or you can go to a site like and find them for about $30 for the whole set. I've even found nice pieces at thrift stores for under $3. Since I'm not skinny enough to layer with cotton long johns or woolen undies, silk is perfect for me. Silk breathes, so you don't overheat even if you overdress. Plus, clothing glides effortlessly over silk - but not over cotton or wool.

So, we layered ourselves in silk, fleece, and wool, doubled our mittens, and wrapped scarves around our necks and set off in the sun to get in a couple miles on the track near our homes. We decided on the track rather than the sidewalk because we could spend more time in the sun. The shade was just that much colder.

So, we walked and talked. Before we knew it, we had walked three miles. Now, the track is flat, so that's an easier three miles than walking the sidewalks with their hills. But, three miles is THREE MILES.

I feel so good. I feel energetic and virtuous. Yes, virtuous. It's getting dark now and there's no way I would have been able to get in my walk outside today if I'd waited til normal quitting time. I came home and changed to my clogs for around the house. Now dinner and laundry await me. But, I've got energy for that. I wouldn't have have been so energetic if I hadn't walked earlier. That's paradoxical - but true. Expending energy gives one energy. Try it, it works!

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Kathy G said...

Thanks for calling and asking me to walk--although I forgot to wear my long underwear, and I was a pretty cold by the end of the time.

Let's remember to coordinate our starting point next time!