Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oscar or Gold - Which is the Best Award?

Oscar Pistorius didn't win a Gold Medal at the 2012 London Olympic Games.  At least, he didn't win one that had him standing on the stage with his national anthem being played.  He DID win a gold medal in the hearts of most who watched him.  What a guy!

And, I'm betting that at some point, Oscar's story is made into a movie for which someone (probably not him) will be nominated for an Oscar.  How cool would that be?  His is certainly a story that is inspiring, heart-warming, and down right awesome.

I give, as I think he does, a lot of credit for his success to his parents who never treated him as though he was disabled.  Apparently, their parenting style, combined with his own innate talent and drive, created this athlete with the head of a warrior and the heart of a champion.

If Oscar's story does not inspire us, there is no human blood in our veins!  If this young man can learn to play rugby and run Olympic relay races, surely we can use our two fully-functioning feet and walk to gain better health and a better attitude.  Surely we can walk on our healthy legs when he can run on his prostheses!

Did you see someone today who must use a walker to move about?  Do you know someone who relies on a cane for balance?  Do you have a friend, like I do, who suffers from a chronic illness but doesn't let her daily physical pain prevent her from walking 2-3 miles each day after a full day at work?

So, who inspires you?

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Jill said...

My mother inspires me. She has M.S. and her legs are what is primarily affected. She still tries to travel, and she works part time in our family's business. She is trying not to let her condition slow her down, but she does have significant pain at times.