Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Gym

Yesterday while I was out running errands, I ducked into Planet Fitness, the gym my daughter belongs to.  I have been receiving lots of mail offers from them and they advertise heavily on radio here.  The gym is certainly reasonably priced - $10/month for full gym use and personal trainer included.  I suspected that this gym would be small, dark, and have few machines, requiring long waits.

I am especially interested in joining a gym for the winter so I won't have to go to the mall to walk with my friend Kris since we typically can't walk til 5:30 PM at the earliest on weekdays - and it's dark around here by then.

So, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Planet Fitness is a large, very clean facility with a huge number of machines - treadmills and elipticals as well as resistance machines.  The idea is that Kris and I would join and go there together to force ourselves to do some weight training then walk our miles on treadmills next to each other so we can chat.

My husband's gym which is just across the street costs a bit more, but he's content with it.  I know from his experience that the gym clears out by 6:30 on weekdays, so there should be little competition for the treadmills.

So, I may take the plunge and join a gym...... maybe.....

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Kathy G said...

"I may take the plunge and join a gym..." Words I thought I'd NEVER hear from you :-)