Wednesday, December 19, 2012


It's winter here - although barely seems like it since we haven't had snow or ice.  But, with the sun going down so early, I find that the only time I have to go for my walk is after dark.  Even with my fearless four-legged walking buddy, the sweet gum balls can still get me.  So, if the track is unavailable, I have to come up with alternatives.

The most likely alternative is  -  the Mall.  I have several within a reasonable distance from my home.  One even has heated, covered parking and hardwood floors.  But, walking at the mall becomes quite boring.  So, I look for Mall-ternatives.

When it's not the PreChristmas season, I can easily walk at the mall or Walmart.  But, there are few other inside venues that are free and nearby.  We have two of those Big Box hardware stores nearby.  Normally, I don't enjoy going into a hardware store - but, there's not much that can keep me from my walks.  So, my friend Kris and I head for the hardware store.

What Mall-ternatives can you recommend?

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Pattys Place said...

I walked at Menard's today. Nice wide aisles, and not a lot of people.
A great place to walk.