Saturday, May 19, 2012

Shoes and Socks

New Balance Shoes are my favorites for walking.  Other than that, I wear Birkenstocks.  With very few exceptions, these two brands are the only shoes that touch my feet.  Why?  Comfort, support, foot health, endurance.  I spend a lot of money on shoes.  My feet walk many, many miles each week.  I stopped wearing a pedometer because even on my less busy days, I always exceed 6,000 steps.  No need to continue to monitor my steps when I know that my typical day exceeds 10,000 steps.  All of those steps occur on ONLY my feet.  Same for you!  My father was in the shoe business, so I learned early the value of good shoes.  Of course, not everyone can afford a hundred dollar pair of walking shoes.  That is not necessary.  The main thing is to wear a pair of shoes that is comfortable for you, causes no rubbing, blisters, corns, or calluses.  Well, good luck with that!  I already have the calluses and a couple of corns that I baby.

Next to the shoes is a good pair of properly fitting socks.  People seldom think about socks.  They buy them in the 12 packs for utility or buy fancier ones to match a holiday.  Not me.  I have a sock fetish!  I have close to 100 pairs of socks!  No kidding.  My favored walking sock is a seamless Gold Toe. Since I have a fairly narrow (but long) foot (size 10), I often need to pad my feet with those good Gold Toe crew socks so the New Balance shoes fit just right.  Lately, I have discovered that the NB shoes are not as high as they used to be and I need thinner socks.  So, off I went to buy six pairs that allow the shoe to fit perfectly.  Those are Gold Toes too!

The standard of knowledge used to be that good socks needed to be 100% cotton or wool.  We now know that there are some synthetics which actually do a better job of wicking away moisture, allowing the foot to breathe more, diminishing the risk of fungal infections and smelly feet.  I'm fortunate to not have 'sweaty' feet so any good cotton or wool sock will work for me.  But, Gold Toes fit the best and wear like steel.  I still have the six pairs of Gold Toe crew socks that I purchased almost 30 years ago to wear for racquetball.  They are the ones that have the insides that look like terry cloth.  I've retired these socks recently since they are a bit 'beat down'.  My husband now wears them.  Not a hole in one of those socks - and they were worn at least one day a week for about 20 years!

I've had good luck finding some fantastic socks, especially wool socks, at thrift stores.  I'd much rather pay 25 cents for a pair of socks than $25 dollars - and I've got several pairs that cost at least that much new.  Great finds for me.  Wool socks are especially nice for walking out side in the winter.  You all know that I do that!  And, I wear wool socks with my Birkenstock felt clogs and inside one pair of my Birkenstock sandals - year round.

What are your favorite shoes and socks?  Where do you buy them?  I sincerely wish that Etonic still sold their Trans Walking shoes.  They were wonderful.  My orthopedist approved those or the New Balance Shoes.  He's done well by me so far (two knee replacements and a variety of lesser joint issues), so I'm willing to take his word for it and pay the price for the best shoes I can afford.

Goldtoe 6-Pk. Low-Cut Sport Socks

New Balance 606 Walking Shoes
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