Friday, July 20, 2012

Who Is This Scott Jurek Guy?

I just finished reading an article about Scott Jurek, an ultramarathoner who runs 100 miles races.  ONE HUNDRED MILES!!! What's he thinking?  Well, actually, he admits to doing more hallucinating during those runs than thinking.  No surprise! *

What did I learn from this article about Scott Jurek?  Well, first I learned a new word, 'ultramarathoner'.  Then, I learned that there is more than one human who runs them.  But, most importantly, I learned that his opinion of those who are not ultramarathoners is pretty cool.

When asked if he thought mere marathoners were wimps, he responded:
"It's totally cool to run a marathon.  I still appreciate somebody who takes six or seven hours to complete one.  Sometimes running around the block is a lot for somebody.  So I definitely don't liik at a marathon as a drop in the bucket."

Thank you, Mr. Jurek.  You have validated all of us who can't even run - but do WALK - around the block.  Even the mere walkers of the world are doing their part.  I concur!

*Time Magazine July 22, 2012, Page 60.

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Jill said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I was a serious Judo athlete, getting ready to test for my black belt. In a match I suffered 3 broken bones in my foot, which curtailed the type of training I was used to, and made it even difficult to walk at all. Then I had some major surgery, setting me back further. Now I am dealing with sciatic lower back problems. I feel wildly successful if I can just take a small walk. I don't know if I will ever get back towards my black belt, but I'm taking one step at a time. When I can.