Thursday, December 29, 2011


In today's St. Louis Post-Dispatch there was an article (a weekly feature) about a walking trail. Accompanying this article was information about a New Year's Eve walk at Columbia Bottoms, a state park on the Mississippi River near its confluence with the Missouri and Illinois Rivers. I've been there during the daytime, but never at night. This would be an escorted tour of the park.

I want to go. However, I think my husband might have other ideas. He's not quite the walking enthusiast that I am, preferring to jog on the treadmill at the gym. I hope I can talk him into taking this walk. I must call to make a reservation although it's free.

If the weather isn't awful, I might be able to convince him that this is a good way to end one year and bring in the next. He can barely stay up til midnight anyway, so maybe, if I play my cards right and tell him that after the walk (about 9:30 PM) he can go home and go to bed without seeing the ball drop.

The next parts of the equation might be more important depending on the weather. It's a long drive to that part of the St. Louis area - and - what exactly will we be looking for or at in the dark on New Year's Eve? If I'm gonna lobby for this way to spend New Year's Eve, I better get do my homework, huh?

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Kathy G said...

We've taken a ranger-led nighttime walk around Creve Coeur lake (which I'd highly recommend), but I don't know if I'm ready to set out on my own like the article suggested.

Let us know who "wins" on New Year's Eve!