Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I've just finished a fluffy little book by Claire Cook called The Wildwater Walking Club. It was fun to listen to while driving my normal route to and from work. I think it was just 7 CD's so not a Russian novel.

The story is about a woman who has just been fired from her executive job at an athletic shoe company (like Nike) and dumped by her boyfriend. She doesn't know her neighbors, is experiencing middle-aged spread, and is generally miserable. With her little silver parachute comes the income to spend her days on the sofa, wallowing in her pity. After a few days, she decides to go see if her employee badge will still get her a discount at the company shoe store. It does, so she buys all the walking shoes in her size, is given a free pedometer and begins her walking journey. Along the way, she picks up two neighbors and a new attitude. She and her friends find the pedometer to be inspirational and come up with good ways to motivate themselves. I'll save the details for your reading pleasure.

At one point later in the book, the writer inserts this tiny but huge phrase. "The hardest part of any walk is putting on the shoes." I know, I know. We've all heard that the journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step. Yes, it does. But, you can't take that step in your bare feet can you? So, every day when you get dressed, put on some comfortable shoes that will take you on your daily walk - however long that is. No excuses!

Note: I carry a pair of walking shoes and good socks in my car with me every day. I don't have to rely on those shoes very well. I'll warn you that they age poorly. The soles become hardened and slick before you know it. So, now, every time I put on a new pair of shoes, I put the most recent old ones in my car and change them out regularly.

***************************Remember my 100% GUARANTEE. Should you decide to stop walking and resume your old habits, I personally guarantee that you'll get back 100% of your former life - your pain, your lifestyle, your attitude. You can trust the information you find here. It's from a dedicated walker. Trust me and your life will get better! I promise.

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