Thursday, August 13, 2009


I think I've written before about some ways of tracking one's progress. Sadly, most of the sites online are keyed to weight loss more than exercise even if they include an exercise tracker. But, I've found a few I like. is a free site with a premium option (that costs of course). Depending on what you want to track, this site might be perfect for you. I do not like that they advertise weight loss surgery, but I'm able to ignore that and click on the 'Activities' tab to track my activities. I also find their 'Lifestyle' categories baffling. I do sit a lot at work, but I'm also up and down a lot, walking from my desk to the front of the office, about 50 yards, many times a day AND I'm a dedicated walker. They should have more categories. But, it still has an attractive activity tracker, so it might suit the needs of others.

Here's a neat site I just signed up for. I'm taking the Steptember Challenge starting August 24. Wanna join me? If so, join at this site, and continue through a couple pages til you get to the bottom of the complete registration page where they ask if you want to participate in the Steptember Challenge. Here's how to become a St. Louis Stroller (whether you live in these parts or not!). I'm the Group Admin, so I'll keep track of all our activities. You can use a pedometer to register steps or time which will be converted by the website.

You've successfully set up the group: st louis strollers

Your group Registration Code: RST156002

To invite others to participate in your America On the Move group, ask them to:

1. Go to
2. When asked "What would you like to do," select "Join a group"
3. Use Group Registration Code: RST156002
4. Answer all other registration questions

I believe you'll have to email me your steps or time from August 24 through October 16 (42 days) and I'll track them on the site. Prizes are to be awarded on the site. Couldn't hurt to win some cash or a great prize for just walking, could it? EMAIL ME AT JDWLN320@GMAIL.COM
with WALK CHALLENGE in the subject line. No need to email every day. Maybe once a week and I'll post everyone's standings once or twice a week.

Please let me know, also, if you find other sites that are good at tracking activities, especially those that will convert other kinds of activities, like dancing, swimming, biking, into units compatible with steps. I'm sure they're out there.

Remember my 100% GUARANTEE. Should you decide to stop walking and resume your old habits, I personally guarantee that you'll get back 100% of your former life - your pain, your lifestyle, your attitude.

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Nyle said...

Another good free site for tracking work outs is

Its a very user friendly site.