Friday, May 22, 2009


I visited my favorite orthopedist this past week because I have a number of 'issues' about which I was seeking his input. My right wrist pain isn't terribly pertinent to my walking, but it is pertinent to my blogging (and my crochet) among other things. But, the pain on the outside of my right knee (at the top of the tibia) and the corn on my right foot are both deterrents to walking.

My orthopedist knows me well - after two knee replacements, one broken wrist, and a variety of other arthritis related complaints. But, he also knows that I'm not a complainer and I'm going to remain active at all cost. He's with me on that. He's also not eager to jump in with a scalpel to solve all my problems. No, scalpels and pills just don't solve the vast majority of health issues. What does? Lifestyle changes. No kidding. No magic pill - just hard work at changing bad habits, of which I have plenty.

I had already switched to my orthpedist's preferred brand of athletic shoes (New Balance) and use the orthotic inserts he prescribes (also NB). Now, I've got to ratchet things up a bit to solve my ongoing problems. I need the densest orthotic NB makes or will have to pop for a custom made one. I don't even want to research the prices on those. But, the orthotic will solve both the corn and the tendon attachment problem that is bugging me below my right (and newest) knee.

Also, I'm the proud owner of a vecro-laden, rigid 'cock-up' (No kidding. That's the official name of this particular one.) wrist brace that I need to wear at night. He also informed me that I can, and indeed am well advised to, begin using the computer mouse with my left hand. No need for anything special here - except the presence of a human being under age 40 to program the computer so that the existing mouse can be adapted for left-hand use. Who knew such things were possible? Well, I guess my orthopedist and Bill Gates are in on this secret.

But, back to my walking 'issues'. Here's the deal. I'm optimistic that the relatively easy and certainly non-invasive 'prescriptions' will bring me pain relief. But, whether the do or not, I'm still gonna walk. Here's the thing about pain - once you've clearly determined that the pain you're experiencing will not be made worse with exercise or use - you're gonna have it whether you exercise or not - so get walking!

As I've stated before on this blog (possibly ad nauseum), our bodies are designed for walking. In my case, my well-designed walking body would work a great deal better with the absence of some 20 or so pounds I've added to it over the past year, what with knee surgery and thyroid issues. Neither of those is an excuse. I gotta do the work to get back where I was before my knee surgery last June.

So, work with me here. Keep me walking. Keep me motivated. I'm writing to help all of us with those issues. But, reader suggestions are always welcome - encouraged, in fact. Motivation 101 - Just Do It.

Remember my 100% GUARANTEE. Should you decide to stop walking and resume your old habits, I personally guarantee that you'll get back 100% of your former life - your pain, your lifestyle, your attitude.

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Kathy G said...

Years ago Son #1 needed to have a custom-made orthotic; the chiropractor was able to do it for him. Don't remember how much it cost, but was well worth the price.

I can help you program your mouse. It's not hard at all.