Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I remember the days I felt stuck at home with toddlers. It was a BIG DEAL for me to be able to get three kids out of the house for anything other than carpool. Some days I was just overwhelmed.

There were days, especially after a few days of really bad weather, when the cabin fever would grip us all and we'd flee to the closest McDonald's to let the kids run around. This was in the days before most of them had indoor playgrounds.

When I had only one child, I would put him in the baby carrier facing out from my chest and zip up the coat I wore while pregnant to right under his little chin. Some vaseline on his rosy cheeks, warm clothes, and a fuzzy cap on his head and mine and we were out the door to explore the neighborhood. We lived in an apartment complex. There were 3 other moms and 5 kids between us. We often put the kids in strollers and walked for about an hour. Walking and talking. Boy, did I lose that baby weight fast.

Flash forward several years when I had two babies in 16 months while pushing age 40 and things had changed a lot. I never lost the weight, had no energy, didn't sleep well (who does with two croupy babies in the house??), and did exercise of no kind except run around all day after two active kids and drive the unrelenting carpool for their big brother.

I had fallen in love with racquetball when my eldest child was less than a year old. Off we went to the club every morning, him to the nursery, and me to have an 'adult' conversation and a couple matches of racquetball. I loved those days. But, as racquetball waned in popularity, the clubs stopped offering child care. I then had to find someone to take care of my two toddlers while I played. Thank GOD for MDO (Mother's Day Out)!

I played racquetball as many days each week - for as many hours - as I could. It was great! The kids were happy and I (not a morning person) looked forward to every morning I could hit that ball around.

Sadly, for all the ball I played, I never lost a single pound after having those two little ones. Playing that much racquetball with that much extra weight on my frame ruined my knees. I had to give up my beloved racquetball when I was about 45 years old. I just walked off the court one day and called my beloved orthopedist and left a message for him that said one word. UNCLE. He got it!

So, everyone I knew walked. I began walking. I lost 65 pounds. THAT'S SIXTY FIVE POUNDS! What!!!! I thought racquetball was good exercise. It is - but it's not sustained enough even at the competitive level I played to give the body the metabolic edge that walking or biking gives it. Lesson Learned!

Remember my 100% GUARANTEE. Should you decide to stop walking and resume your old habits, I personally guarantee that you'll get back 100% of your former life - your pain, your lifestyle, your attitude.

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