Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Can A Box Get You Motivated?

Are  you familiar with the God Box?  In simplest terms - and it's a simple concept - you have a container into which you put slips of paper on which you've written things you want.  The idea is that you write down your wants, desires, hopes, etc., put them in the God Box, and forget about them.  Having put them in the God Box, you have offered them to God, your Higher Power, and/or the Universe.  And, in that funny way the Universe has of responding to such 'requests', many of your wants will manifest in your life.

This is not new age hokum or voodoo or any such thing.  It's half affirmation and half mindfulness.  It's a quick moment to crystallize what's in your mind, write it down, and trust it to your Higher Power.  I know this works.  I'm not sure it works with every little thing because once I've put that slip of paper in my God Box, I really do get it off my mind (forget it) and I don't keep track.  I do know that having put that thought out into the Universe makes it possible for the Universe to respond.  You might liken an unrecorded wish or goal as a song that no one ever sings.  A song that remains unsung is a poem - but not a song.  Why write a song that no one ever sings?  Instead, take positive action and write your song (your desire) and put it into words (on a slip of paper), then put it where it can find an audience to sing it.

This simple concept is also easy.  It's an example of a KISS (keep it simple, stupid).  It's also one of the few simple concepts that is also easy.  It's letting go at its most basic level - on a sticky note, for instance - and turning it over to God (HP, Universe, whatever you call yours).  If you are unsure, it won't take much of an investment of time or money to test the hypothesis.

In this case, we'll say that you would like to have more time to walk.  Or, you'd like to be better motivated to walk/exercise/  Or you want to feel better and you have come to believe (cuz you've ready my blog) that movement will make you feel better.  You write that down on a sticky, put it in a Mason jar, and go about your business.  Once it's written down and put into the box or jar, your 'work' is done.  Now, you wait, totally unaware - or maybe a bit more mindful - because you put it into the care of your HP.

In my case, I like to craft so I want a really pretty God Box.  I can decorate a shoe box, oatmeal container, or  Mason jar with my favorite colors and images.  I set it where I'll see it every day (how about the kitchen counter if it's a jar or a bedside table if it's a jar or box) so I will remember to use it.  I keep a small pad of sticky notes or scrap paper and a pretty pen nearby.  See, write, put in container, close container, forget about it.  See?  I told you it was easy.

Here are a few suggestions to put in your box/jar:

I'd like to walk for 10 minutes every day.
I'd like to have 20 minutes of down time in my busy day so I can exercise.
I'd like to feel better.
I'd like an energy boost that only exercise can give me.
I'd like a simple way to de-stress for a few minutes every morning.
I'd like to remember to meditate every day.
I'd like to get a walking buddy.
I need some comfortable walking shoes.
I need to come up with a good place to walk in bad weather.
I want to turn over a new leaf and take care of myself.

I'm sure you'll come up with many more.  And, it doesn't have to be limited to walking or exercising.  It can be about finances, relationships, your job, a cure for chronic lateness.  There are no rules here except that the slip of paper should contain a positive statement.  So, if you want to get an energy boost, you would not write down that you're tired.  That's a negative.

I hope this makes sense to you.  It's such a useful and positive tool that you'll be pleasantly surprised if you try it.

Remember - whether we like it or not, every thought is a prayer.

*************************** Remember my 100% GUARANTEE. Should you decide to stop walking and resume your old habits, I personally guarantee that you'll get back 100% of your former life - your pain, your lifestyle, your attitude. You can trust the information you find here. It's from a dedicated walker. Trust me and your life will get better! I promise.

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