Saturday, April 5, 2014

Walking With Joy

The fair days in these parts have been few and far between.  We've had rain, snow, hail, tornadoes, flash flooding, just after the alerts for the risk of forest fires after such a dry period.  Not great walking weather.

Still, there are tiny bits of joy I see every day, often in my own back yard.  For the past week or so, there has been a pair of cardinals back there.  The male is such a bright red that he stands out prominently.  His mate, being drabber in appearance, is harder to see.

The red tail hawks persist.  One has gotten rabbits in my back yard, leaving the skull for us to discover.  Yuck!  Still, a bird of prey on the wing is a glorious site.  Best to not think of what they're scouting for.

In the woods, trees are just beginning to bud.  Tiny specks of green amidst the drab browns and grays of winter.  Occasional tulips peak up in the yards of neighbors - those who actually tend to their lawns rather than the benign neglect with which my lawn is treated.

Thank heaven for daylight savings time!  With a longer window of opportunity to walk after 5 PM definitely improves my mood.  I'm not a morning person!  I'll walk in late morning, but most of my walking buddies are not available til after 5.  All winter, that confines us to the gym or malls most days.  Now, we are more likely to be able to walk outdoors even if the weather is less than perfect.

So, positivity prevails.  Spring is coming.  I'm sure.  It's delayed this year, but it will come.  Right now, the rivers and creeks have risen and all the spring flowers have had their showers.  Now, it's time for nature to take pity on us walkers and clear away the late winter drabs.  Time to feel the promise of spring - the lush green fields and the pungent smell of mulch and fertilizer.  Bring it on!

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