Thursday, April 4, 2013

Saving Sole

Those dratted corns and calluses were causing me so much pain that I was limping around after my walks.  I could tough it out for the 3 miles, but then the pain would get to me.  But, my life has been changed!  A fairly simple product, Vita-Gel Toe Protector, has taken away most of the pain and given me a more enjoyable walk.  Also, i was reminded today about the benefit of using moleskin on the sole of my one foot to cover a plantar wart during sandal weather.  Made all the difference last summer, so I will continue using them.

This is the moleskin I use that I buy here:

In addition to good shoes and socks, these items have become essential to my walks.  I just placed an order for 10 more of the toe protectors.  The first two I used lasted about 3 weeks.  I've worn through one of them (the callus on my big toe) but the one protecting the corn between my toes is still going strong.  But, I want to have a good supply on hand.  They are not that easy to find - and, having found the 'perfect' ones, I don't want to experiment with any others. I found these particular toe 'condoms' at and here.

I have not been able to find the Profoot Vita-Gel Toe Protectors in a brick and mortar store.  The moleskin adhesive pads are available in my local Walgreen store - and the Walgreen brand works very well.  The pads are thin and protective and the adhesive lasts from 14-21 days.  Not a bad deal.  I cut the adhesive pads to shape, so I get 3 pieces per sheet - so 9 pieces per package.  YMMV.

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