Friday, August 15, 2014

My Walking Clothes Bone To Pick

I just received an email from New Balance advertising their latest workout fashions.  Sleeveless, camisole type tops and lycra, skin skimming pants.  Well, I'm sure there are plenty of lovely young things who will happily wear this workout gear, but I'm wondering where the workout gear for the rest of us is?

I'm wearing tee shirts and shorts that are over twenty years old because I am unable to find suitable work out/walking garments in retail outlets.  I need a sleeve - not a cap sleeve or one of those skimpy little 2 inch long sleeves that look lovely on Michelle Obama's sleek arms.  My arms - and most of the women I know share this trait - need to save the world the heartbreak of close attention.  My preferred sleeve length is to the elbow but I'll take them an inch or so shorter.  But, I will not pay $35 for a skimpy top that doesn't cover the 'bingo wings'.

As for the lycra pants, well, that's another story.  I have really toned legs from all my walking and I can wear those lycra pants as well as the next middle aged woman - pants that no one over the age of 12 should be wearing.  But, I have an abdomen that has been pregnant four times and is not toned - oh, so not toned!  It would take a tunic style top to cover those lycra pants to the point where only my nicely toned thighs and calves would be seen.  And, who the heck wants to wear all that when it's 90 degrees outside?  Um.  Not me!

And, just for the record, I need a bra that actually HOLDS UP something - uh, two somethings.  Sports bras, jog bras, yoga bras are not suited for me or anyone larger than a B cup.  And, that's a lot of us!

Baby boomers are booming!  Many of us have money to spend on good clothes and shoes.   Surely, at least one designer from New Balance or somewhere could come up with some suitable designs for women over age 50 who are not rail thin. 

I read that cotton is no longer the preferred fabric to sweat in.  I should be wearing wicking fabrics that will pull the moisture away from my body.  Kinda sounds like Pampers, right?  I'm not sure if these newer wicking fabrics are all form fitting, but if so, the patterns needed to be altered to allow for our 'wobbly bits' (to quote bridget jones) to be modestly hidden as we work on improving and toning them.

So, what do you think about this?  Please weigh in here - and maybe send an email or two to your favorite work out clothing maker(s).

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Kathy G said...

I'm with you! However, I've figured out that wicking fabrics are SO MUCH nicer than cotton. Land's End has a nice, longer, boxy model that works well for me. I've also had luck finding things at the thrift shops.