Sunday, August 24, 2014

Hotter Than......

"It's hotter than Hades out here,"  she said sweatily.  Is that a Tom Swifty??  I think so.  I love them but can seldom come up with them!

It's simply been too hot the past couple days for any sane person to walk or work outside for more than a few minutes.  Taking my 4 legged walking buddy off leash in our rather large back yard where she loves to roam and run freely, is giving her one of favorite treats.  It's often difficult to get her to remember her 'come' command.  Not yesterday or today.  When I said 'come', she ran, tongue dragging, for the back door, water, and the A/C vent she hogs on the kitchen floor!  Even the dog doesn't want to deal with this stuff.

But, Kris and Sally and I have persevered - albeit in the relative comfort of the Mall.  Mall walking gets old really fast - but it's 1000% better than not being able to walk at all.  If I didn't have these two reliable friends to walk with, I'd be doing my paces in front of my television during this heat wave.  Today, the temperature  broke to three digits with high humidity - all sun and no shade or breeze.  I know in a couple months, I'll be wishing and dreaming for these sultry days, but I just can't make it farther than a mile.  It feels like I'm wading through molasses outside!

So, remember, there is always a way to get in your walk!  Walk at the Mall or at the grocery store.  They won't mind.  They 'accuse' me of Mall walking at Walmart some days.  But, no one really seems to care.  I'm just one of many people milling around the store.  Walk at the hardware store, on the indoor track at the YMCA if you have one, or any place that has A/C.  Lacking that, get up and walk in place in front of your own TV or on a treadmill.  Dance or walk, skip, twist, kick a ball against the garage door.  Anything that keeps you moving.

Remember, moving makes you feel better, draws you closer to good or better health, and clears the clutter out of the brain, leaving room for all kinds of fresh ideas and creativity.  No downside here.

PS - I don't know exactly what the guys in the photo above are doing - but if they can do it, so can we.  It's at the Mall and it qualifies as moving!

*************************** Remember my 100% GUARANTEE. Should you decide to stop walking and resume your old habits, I personally guarantee that you'll get back 100% of your former life - your pain, your lifestyle, your attitude. You can trust the information you find here. It's from a dedicated walker. Trust me and your life will get better! I promise.

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dj said...

Walking is fine but running makes me sweat, she replied hotly.

You're welcome!