Wednesday, July 30, 2014

In Case You Need More Enticement To Take A Walk......

The latest news from the world of medical research clearly demonstrates that 10 minutes - TEN MINUTES - of physical activity a day leads to a longer, healthier life. 

Who doesn't have 10 minutes to invest in herself?  Ten minutes is about what it takes me to drink my morning cup of coffee.  In 10 minutes I can get two baskets of laundry folded and put away. 

So, wanna live healthier and longer?  Walk for 10 minutes a day.  Sounds too good to be true - but it's not.  This one is for real!

Remember my 100% GUARANTEE. Should you decide to stop walking and resume your old habits, I personally guarantee that you'll get back 100% of your former life - your pain, your lifestyle, your attitude. You can trust the information you find here. It's from a dedicated walker. Trust me and your life will get better! I promise.

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