Monday, February 4, 2013

Back Pain

The past few months, I've been suffering from some back pain.  It hurts like heck and it's not something I've ever experienced before except for an isolated incident about 40 years ago after I stubbed my toe.  Woke up the next day and  could not move. I lived alone at the time, and, not wanting to die in my bed, forced myself to get up and get dressed and drive to work.  I knew an orthopedist who would walk through my department at some point that day and he would help me.  He kindly agreed to see me right then and there, diagnosed back spasm based on the fact that I couldn't stand up straight, had extreme pain and had stubbed my toe the day before.  Who knew that a stubbed toe could cause such pain??  In a few weeks, that pain was a faint memory.

Fast forward all these years and I'm experiencing similar back pain - not as severe, but nasty.  After I walk or dance and sit down to cool off, I'm fine until I try to stand up again.  Ugh!  Have to work consciously and conscientiously to get myself to unbend.  Really!

Back at the time of my first episode of back pain, the kind doctor gave me a couple of exercised to do.  They were miraculous in relieving he muscle spasm, and thus the pain.  So, I've been doing those.  They help but do not cure.  Asked Doctor Husband who prescribes anti-inflammatory OTC meds and those exercises.

Today at the library, I saw a book "The 7 Minute Back Pain Solution" by Gerard J. Girasole, M.D. and Cara Hartman, CPT.  I'm about half way through this book already.  Can you spell M-O-T-I-V-A-T-E-D?

I'm liking the exercise regimen which, of course, is longer than 7 minutes.  No such luck!  But, while reading the book, Dr. Girasole expresses some ideas that I've not seen very often.  But, I have found them to be true.

First - most doctors will tell you that losing weight will make the pain better.  Not!
Second - doing ab crunches and other 'core' building exercises will help.  Not! (if the core is defined as abdominal muscles)
Third - Even when in pain, movement is better than bed rest.

Got that?  Even in pain - exercise is a good thing.  Lounging around actually makes a condition like back pain worse.  Losing weight does not cure all that ails you - although it's often a good idea.  A careful bit of exercise - in this case, stretching - actually releases chemicals in the discs, bone, muscles, and cartilage so that your body heals faster.

Once again, movement is the best answer.  Once again, another 'professional' agrees with my strategy that getting off the sofa and onto your feet will make things better.  Remember, if it hurts, it's gonna hurt anyway - so just go to it!

Book Specs:
ISBN:   978373892587
Published by Harlequin Press, 2012
$16.95 USD

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