Monday, June 14, 2010


Lately, it's either been storming or HOT! Kinda hard to walk when the wind is blowing torrents of water into your face. That's what the mall is for, I guess. Same for some of the miserably hot/humid days we've had. While I'm almost always game to walk in the heat and humidity, some of my walking buddies are not, so it's off to the mall for us.

I've also been dancing. Line-dancing has become a true love of mine. Most weeks, my friend Debbie and I dance on Wednesday's and Sunday's. We're in a beginner's class (we aren't beginners, but we get more actual dance time) on Wednesday's and there's a 'social' dance on Sunday's with a nice group of people - mostly women - who don't seem to mind the unintended solo movements that compose many of my dances!

Back to walking. Have you been at it? If not, why not? Life does intrude - but remember, we have to make it a priority before others will respect our determination to move and feel better.

I recently read a magazine article (can't remember where) that emphasized how the human body is designed for walking. Did you see those 6,000 year old shoes recently discovered in a cave in Turkey? In those days, if you wanted to get ANYWHERE, it had to be on your own two feet. I don't even think humans were riding horses or burros or whatever yet.

I often think of our ancestors who walked across this country to find a better life. They walked from the relative security of the Eastern territories to places like Missouri then on further west. There are many diaries written by pioneer women who buried husbands and children along the way. They were strong people - mentally and physically - to endure the hardships they did. They walked to make it easier on the horses who were pulling wagons or were laden with other loads of household goods. They walked to ford streams, cross mountains, and blaze trails. And, they didn't have fancy Nike's or New Balance shoes either.

I DO NOT think I would have survived such a trek. They averaged 20 miles a day! I'm exhausted after 3 miles and I'm not carrying a baby or worrying about being attacked by a bear! Every time I think of our Westward Expansion, I think of the women (and men) who endured. Could I? Would I?

Could YOU? Would you?

So, that little bit of walking we're doing now, to keep moving and to feel good, seems like not much of an accomplishment compared to our ancestors. More reason to keep moving forward. We honor those who blazed those trails. We keep ourselves healthy so that we can feel better. Not a thing wrong with that!

***************************Remember my 100% GUARANTEE. Should you decide to stop walking and resume your old habits, I personally guarantee that you'll get back 100% of your former life - your pain, your lifestyle, your attitude.

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