Saturday, December 5, 2009


This time last year, I was recuperating nicely from a knee replacement - my second. Things were going along well except for some muscle pain on the outside of my lower leg. Not a huge problem. I was back to walking several miles a day at a nice clip. But, with winter coming, I was unsure if I could keep up the recovery. I asked my orthopedist and he told me (again) that I could walk, bike, or swim. He told me to have my husband get me a stationary bike for Christmas. Fat chance!!

I had an old bike 'rescued' from a garage sale years ago. I cleaned it off and tried to ride it. It was so loud that I couldn't hear the TV or radio when riding it. PLUS I got blisters in places that blisters shouldn't be! So much for that bike.

Fast forward a year, and I came into some money and decided to treat myself. I wanted a recumbent bike. I did a lot of research and found one bike that fit all my requirements - durable, quiet, well-reviewed - at the right price. Here it is:

It's a Stamina 7100 Fusion which means it has all the benefits of a recumbent bike without taking up as much room and it's doesn't really 'recumb'. It has a slight backward slant to the seat, but the seat itself is really large and comfy. It doesn't fold up, but it has a roller on the front for 'easy' (if you have the right muscles) relocation. The thing is heavy. My sons assembled it for me on Thanksgiving and were quite impressed with the quality of the fit and finish. It is SILENT, has (battery operated) electronic options to increase the intensity of the ride, measure distance, calories, and time. It even came with a cute little water bottle!

The really good news is that I enjoy riding it. So does my husband. When he can't make it to the gym, he'll hop on it during the news and pedal away. On those days when I haven't been able to go for a walk, I'm very happy to grab my book and hop on. I started at a 30 minute 'ride' and am increasing by about 5 minutes per day that I ride. I ride on Level 3 which has some hills and valleys, so I find that unless I pay attention, my pedaling rate will go down. But, it's really nice to have this to use on those days when I can't walk. I've also hopped on for a brief ride in the evening if my walk was in the morning. Can't hurt and the cardio is really good for me.

Remember my 100% GUARANTEE. Should you decide to stop walking and resume your old habits, I personally guarantee that you'll get back 100% of your former life - your pain, your lifestyle, your attitude.

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Kathy G said...

Was your windfall "play" money, or did you clean your house and find a stash you'd forgotten about :-)

Sounds like a great purchase.