Wednesday, June 4, 2014

You'll have to look quickly (and closely) to see this little critter.  K and I saw during a walk at Longview Farm Park in St. Louis County. I think it's a skink.  It has an orange head with an orange stripe down its sides over a mostly gray-green body.  It would blend in really easily into the wood's leaf and mulch covered ground cover.  Once it heard K's camera click, it scampered off into the underbrush.

If you have not walked at Longview Farm Park, you're missing a treat.  We first walk around the circumference which is along Clayton Road, Mason Road, and Mason View Road, then we walk the interior of the park which is a black top walkway that funnels down to a small, lovely pond at its lowest point.  Shady and nice in the 'funnel'. 

The park is the site of a previous estate that had two paddocks for their horses.  The original house is a meeting facility and the barn is used for its original purpose of housing the horses that still graze in the paddock.  Attached is a covered pavillion and rest rooms with a nice playground a few steps away.

Clayton and Mason Roads are both very popular with cyclists, so give them a wide berth when you drive to the park.

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