Sunday, June 22, 2014

This Is What I Did Today ....

What did you do?

 I walked on the Al Foster Trail in Glencoe, MO.  This is off the paved trail up to the bluff looking over the Meramec River.

 Up top where there used to be a rope swing, there was just a fantastic view looking South across the Meramec to fields and a golf course.

We met another couple of hikers at what was once a house place at the top of the bluff.  There are pieces of the foundation all over the place and a bunch of yucca plants that do not pop up in these parts on their own.  They were planted, probably many years ago.

Nearing the end of our three mile walk, we Kris was impressed with this limestone overhang.  Parts of it had been removed for use elsewhere or to prevent parts from falling off.

The minute we got back into the car, the Heaven's cut loose and started a nice rain.  But, we had a great hike!  What did you do today?

Thanks to K for these great photos.

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