Sunday, May 25, 2014

Slow Walk And A Find

No, it wasn't I who was walking slowly.  It was this guy.  Isn't he a beauty?  While I am aware that most of the human world does not share my love of turtles, I think ya'll are just wrong.  These creatures - technically this is a box tortoise as he's a land dweller - are beautiful to me.  I have been in love them since I was 5 years old and saw my first one while walking home from school.  Back in those days - before the invention of ice - little kids like me walked home from school alone on busy streets.  I saw this amazing creature who pulled himself inside a shell.  I knew my older brother would be along in a few minutes so I waited for him.  Since he knew everything in the whole world, I knew he would be able to identify this stranger.  Sure enough, he identified it as a box turtle.  We took him home for mom to admire.  She did not share our enthusiasm, so we let him loose in the yard.  But, I was hooked!

So, you can see this guy that I made friends with on a recent walk at Blue Bird Park.  My friend Kris noticed him first.  But, I have a special way with tortoises.  I pick them up and talk to them and they come out of their shells and let me do all kinds of things.  I rub their noses, play with their toes, and rub their shells.  The seem to understand that I won't hurt them.

After a nice visit with this critter, we placed him back in the leaves headed in the same direction he had been in before and continued on our walk.  This time of year, the males are searching for mates and marking their territory.  The photo doesn't show the bright colors he bears.  His happy orange and yellow stripes and spots contrast nicely with his well camouflaged shell and beak.  This guy might not be fast, but I think he's handsome enough to have his pick of the ladies!

Blue Bird Park is a nice place to walk.  There are several trails, some more challenging than others and some that take you out of the park through some neighboring subdivisions.  There are many hills, some paved trails, and some mulch.  This time of year, the shade and mulch are greatly appreciated on hot days.  We'll definitely put this on our regular walking sites.

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