Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Bluff View Pay Off

Last week, the weather was absolutely perfect for lots of outdoors walking.  My friend, Kris and I have discovered some trails not far from home that we really enjoy.  A couple weeks ago, on our first trip to this particular area, we ended up walking a 5 mile loop.  We both slept very well that night!

But, on that trek, we spoke several times with a guy on a bike who was friendly and informed  us of the Bluff View Trail.  We decided that we'd give that trail a shot on a future date.  The cyclist indicated that the trip was not too long.

So, off we went on the Bluff View Trail.  It's not too long - but plenty long enough for us and fairly rugged, mostly uphill, and fairly challenging.  We judged that it was about 2 miles to the top of the bluff.  Then, that, of course meant, that it was another 2 miles down!  Normally, 4 miles is not an uncomfortable distance for us.  This 5 mile trek was pretty challenging.

But, there was a great pay off at the top of the trail  First, there was the long distance view of the beautiful country that is just 25 miles from the St. Louis Arch.   These are rolling hills, covered with all kinds of trees that are just beginning to show their Fall colors.  There are a few farms in this area, one under irrigation that we saw.  There was also a new golf course that is on grounds of a former estate owned by the family that owned and operated the local Pevely Milk Company.  Their estate was at the end of a 4 or 5 mile road that dead ended at the Meramec Road.  That family and its estate no longer dwell there.  Instead, there are high end subdivisions and 2 country clubs that are surrounded by the Tyson Research Facility ( heavily wooded acreage that is owned by Washington University), Lone Elk Park ( a county park where elk, deer, and other wildlife roam freely) and the Meramec River.

So, the view is amazing!  At the crest of the climb, we sat for a bit and drank some water while we took in the view.  Then, we each took a turn on the swing.  Can you see the swing in the picture?  Kinda hard to see it, but it's wide enough for a couple to snuggle on.  It was a refreshing, head spinning experience to push off on the seat and swing out over the rim of the bluff.  I love swings, and this one was such a reward for that rather difficult climb.

I bet you have a similar hidden treasure near your home where you could walk and enjoy not only the trek but also the spectacular view.  We'll climb this one again.  As with a lot of trails in heavily wooded areas, most of the trek is in the shade which is really helpful when you're tromping uphill for an hour.  Walking on a flat paved track is much easier and can be accomplished in a much shorter time.  But, we figured it took us about 1.5 hours to make the round trip.  Well worth it.

Don't take on a trail like this one as your first attempt at trekking outside.  But, build your endurance to be able to take on a challenge like this one.  One step at a time, a few minutes a day, and before you realize it, you can head up a country trail without being concerned with how long it will take you.  You'll be ready for the challenge!

Note:  Thanks to Kris for taking these pictures of the land surrounding the Bluff View Trail.

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Cassie said...

That sounds like a great hike you got done. My walking has taken a nosedive lately but I know soon I will be back at it,