Saturday, April 14, 2012

Bad Dogs - an Update

Sophie and Amber, those two bad, barking dogs I made friends with on Valentine's Day, are now good friends.  I look forward to passing their yard often.  Initially, I'm greeted with their usual barks - until they see it's me or hear my voice.  Then, they settle right down, rush to the fence, and wait to be petted.

I had what turned out to be an inspired idea to take a little treat for each dog.  I put a handful of Cheerios in my pocket and meted them out one at a time to each dog.  Since mine own dog is immune to the joys of Cheerios, there was no canine jealousy.  For our first few quiet visits, the dogs, Amber and Sophie, continue to growl and bark at my dog, Lizzie.  I ignored that and focused on sweet talk and treats then ear rubs.

How do I know the dogs' names?  Someone had written their names on their collars in permanent marker!  Good enough for me.  They answer to those names and recognize me every time I see them.  The fence line along the back of their yard where the sidewalk runs is long and overgrown.  There are a couple of areas where the dogs have kept the vegetation at bay.  We meet at each of these areas as I walk the fence line.  The dogs lean against the fence for me to pet them - hard to do through chain link fencing.  Now, they stand on their hind legs to reach my hands so I can nuzzle them behind their ears, tickle their throats, and offer a small treat.

I actually look forward to visiting 'the girls' these days.  When I tell them to stop barking, they do so immediately.  They are always outside - in all kinds of weather which doesn't please me - and seem a bit neglected.  But, they are friendly and loving, eager to be petted, eager to please.  I'd take them home if I could.  Walking past them is a little treat for me now.

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