Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The weather reporter on TV said that yesterday or the day before had a temperature that registered the highest since 1911. Really?? It didn't feel that way when I was out walking in it.

While my four-legged walking partner has yet to become acclimated to Summer, I'm doing pretty well. I was delayed in my regular walking time, which has morphed to about 4 PM many days. So, it's pretty hot by then, with the earth still retaining the midday heat. Not to mention the humidity. St. Louis is long on humidity.

But, yesterday, on that record-breaking hot day, it didn't seem that hot to me. There was a bit of a breeze at the park where we walked and we did a couple miles in our usual time. We bailed after two hours because Lizzie (the 4-legger) was clearly nearing her tolerance level. And, we were the only people at the park! Everyone was at the pool. Who could blame them? But, kinda hard to walk the dog in the pool with all those screaming kiddies - and, well, the water.

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